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Conversations with A

"Are you the kind of person who thinks more than you feel or is it otherwise?"

"Feel person, I guess? I like thinking after the matter...thinking before doing something can only limit you and it's kinda waste of time if you are going to do it anyway."

"Does it feel good being that kind of person who feels more?"

"Yea, it's kinda hard to describe how it is to be a feel person."

"Does it not have a gray are?"

"When you think, you label everything. And with thinking, you have to make sense of everything you are thinking even though you don't know shit. We are limited to our knowledge of whatever we are thinking and thus can't think beyond our little box. But feelings, they come unlabeled, uninvited. You don't know what to feel; you don't decide on a feeling—it just happens. You are near an ocean, you hear the waves singing their favorite song and you can't describe what you feel at that moment with words. Th…

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